Solid door P20

Solid door P20


Outdoors rusticated hardwood doors that usually are on the market, usually have the same design on the inside and on the outside, with a 68 mm structure.
Throughout the years, Fabbroni Serramenti has been constructing its armored doors in a different way: our outdoors solid doors have the peculiarity of being constructed with a double body: the external part consists in a solid wood texture embossed with various designs whereas the internal part of the body is constructed according to the needs of the client (ex: basic, lacquered, glossy).
This is great for the client, who’s no longer bound to a classic finish but can choose between many.

The total thickness of our outdoors door is 78mm. It comes with a lock type “Poseidon agb”, three locking points and tear resistant hooks, adjustable tape nozzle abutment, European cylinder with “Defender Tenax” coded key on the outside. On the inside the armored door has, instead of a key, a knob which makes it easier to close it.
The frame is built on four sides: the sides and top in solid wood, with a thickness of 68 mm. The lower part in aluminum profile (25 mm) with drain holes to facilitate the water flow. The are two gaskets, one for thermal isolation and one for acoustic isolation.

Our armored doors can be made with one panel, two panels, with glass parts, with transom, tilt etc. In short, there are many options for the costumer to choose from.

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