It was the end of the 1940’s, 1949 to be exact. Hard times, recently out of WWII, Italy needed a burst of energy that later made it the Italy that we all now know and love. Giuseppe Fabbroni too, a small self made carpenter, in that year decided that if he needed to work he wanted to work for himself. Only like this would he have been able to give space to its mind and his need to create something.
In those years, there were many people that decided to quit being an employee to start their own business, like Giuseppe did. With his patience, him and people like him, gave Italy a different and better face.
At the beginning, the Fabbroni company was a really small place: a few square meters, the first Fabbroni factory made Giuseppe sweat a lot and earn very little. In spite of his sufferings, he never gave up his dream. His two sons, with extreme patience and care, since they were little, shared happiness and anxieties with their father so much that, in 1982, became co – holders of the company.
Fabbroni started to become known locally, then regionally and at last nationally. Today the company has sold their products to various European countries and also overseas.
A core part of the Fabbroni mindset is the constant search for new technology. This, together with extreme precise craftmanship, brings the client a modern, cool and highly certified product.